About Wouter.

Graphic designer, artist and visual researcher. 

I am specialized in visual research, book design, posters, typography, illustrative patterns and visual identities.

Wouter van Tilborg, born in Beesd, Netherlands in 1983. From a young age I always took apart everything and trying to understand how it worked. My toys, radio’s, bikes, nothing was safe. But there was always the need to make something new out of it.

This capacity to investigate and research everything is what I am still using today as a graphic artist. Trying to understand the world and its situations. 

I am an autonomous graphic designer and visual researcher and in my work and subjects I am always looking for that what is not shown at first. It is the process that interests me the most. That’s where the foundation is created.

Take apart the image.


MA Design Research - 2023
Willem de Kooning Academy / 
Piet Zwart Instituut Rotterdam

Bachelor Design - 2012
Academie Minerva Fine Arts & Design Groningen


Academie Minerva Prijs VC 2012.


Public interview with Q&A session at Groninger Forum Library during WKB18. Groningen, 2018.


• Grafiek inside/outside Minerva exhibition. Presenting 4 works, mountain drawings at the Graphic Museum. Groningen, 2019.

• Collective exhibition presentation of the project Cards of my Father at the WKB18, Art is Book. Located at studio Wim Bosch / visual art, photography. Groningen, 2018.

• Exhibition at the WKB18, Art is Book with the book Eend Ontleed. Including public interview with Q&A session at Groninger Forum Library. Groningen, 2018.

• Wall artwork made out of separate posters of abstract shapes. Presented as wallpaper for the Graphic Museum Groningen during the exhibition Expoost that was part of the Groninger Museum Night. Groningen, 2018.

• Collective exhibition ‘Lekker’. Flattened mountain landscape at WEP Artist Collective. Groningen, 2017.

• Out of my hands drawing exhibition. Drawings of organic mountains made with thousands of lines with a drawing machine. SIGN Gallery. Groningen, 2016.

• Light sculpture made of tube lights in collaboration. Exhibit during the Night of Art & Science. Located in the Aa-Kerk Groningen, 2015.

• Exhibition 50 Shades of PINK. Collection of line drawings of skulls falling apart at WEP Artist Collective. Groningen, 2015.

• Drawings of geomatrical abstract forms during Open Studio’s exhibition at WEP Artist Collective. Groningen, 2014.

• Exhibition Autonomous Design with my book Eend Ontleed at the SIGN Gallery. Groningen, 2013.

Studio Wouter van Tilborg
Paradijsvogelstraat 10
9713 BV Groningen

︎  Info@woutervantilborg.nl    

︎ +31 (0) 613 051 282

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