Bas Kortmann

Publication designed for Bas Kortmann /
POWERBOAT as part of the WDKA/
Piet Zwart Institute Master Design. 2022

“What if you could intentionally design
and direct participation and social interaction?

As a professional, you can provoke, understand, lead and support interactions, in the classroom, on the work floor, on a stage and amongst your participants. On top of that, when you wish to develop a sense of ownership in your participants, you need to think about how interactions can be expanded.

PULSE is a methodology for doing just that. PULSE provides a framework and lens to structure your design and direction of social interaction. The PULSE was created and developed by Bas Kortmann and Fokka Deelen, founders of Powerboat -Theatre and Design. Analysis of their interactive practice and twenty years of experience as designers, directors and tutors forms the basis for the PULSE methodology.”